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    Yes... I'm taking the plunge (or is it really a plunge after the SK2) and ordering a Treo 680 tomorrow, before Monday so it hopefully gets shipped out on Monday. I'm wondering what many of you suggest as "must have" accessories for the 680. I've read about the battery problems, and my SK2 never lasted me a full day without me charging it in my car during Kansas Crew practice, and again at night.

    As of right now, the only certain accessory that I'm going to get is probably the "Treo Essentials Pack" that includes screen protectors, a case (that I don't care for) and the car charger. What else do you guys recommend as far as accessories go. I'm still compiling my list of software that I'm considering such as the mundu IM software and the like.

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    You already said screen protectors...I agree that should be first.
    How about a bluetooth headset as a must have accessory.
    In terms of software I find I use (and like) VoiceDial more often than other software.
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    Ditto. Bluetooth headset and screen protector.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbonnot03 View Post
    Ditto. Bluetooth headset and screen protector.
    Do any of you have a particular screen protector that you guys like? Unfortunately bluetooth headsets aren't compatible with my cochlear implant (Yes I still use the phone, bu thence the smartphone so I can do more than that).

    Also... what are your all's experiences with cases? I really want to get one that'll still let my phone fit in my back pocket but still have a decent grip and doesn't look like it's in a cage.
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    I bought a BoxWave hard case (Armor Case) at the same time. The thought of dropping and shattering something so expensive demands it...
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    I got my screen protectors from Palm just because with my new registration they gave me a discount and I didn't know about TC yet. TC and Seidio also offer a good screen protector. Check out this case from Seidio.

    Looks to be pretty good.
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    best skin ever or Invisible sheild SWEET screen/body protectors.
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    Ditto on the screen protector. Just keep the cheesy little cover Palm ships it in on the device and maybe clip the little pull tab to keep it outta the way untl you get the protector. It will work for a week or two and make for a flawless screen to protect.

    Another thing is that Palm requires to a 2.5mm-3.5mm headphone adapter if you want to use 99% of headphones. Get one on eBay for $3-4.

    Here's some must have software & hacks that work great on mine and really increase productivity:

    Freebies or share ...
    #1 Diddlebug. Write sticky notes right to screen and store hundreds for all sorts of instant use.
    #2 Google Maps. Absolutely excellent for directions and satellite imaging.
    #3 KeyGTime+. Push a selected button at any point to get date, time & other device info etc, and instantly return to what you were doing.
    #4 Khroma: Change system colors in a myriad of ways.
    #5 TCPMP: Incredibly powerful and stable movie and music player. Rip your DVDs right to your Palm. Good even on the smaller 320x320 screen.
    #6 Soft Reset: Soft reset your device with a style tap instead of pulling out the battery. Good when testing new software etc.
    #7 NV Backup: Even tho it's non-volatile memory this easy and stable backup is a gift.
    #8 FileZ. Knockout powerful and stable file manager. Although Palm now includes "Files" which is quite serrviceable.
    #9 SnapCalc: Instant pop-up calculator that is available at a user defined button. Returns to previous point when done. Super.
    #10 FieldPlus: Allows stylus-free text cutting and pasting. Super dooper useful!
    #11 Shortcut5: Allows the ever-useful "shortcuts" that were "assumed" to be unnecessary on keyboard equipped Treos. Saves lots of keystrokes for common text entries.
    #12 SingleButtonLauncher: Apply up to 5 apps by one button as selected by the user. Button real estate on Treos is shrinking with each release and this baby is just excellent to open up all sorts of configurations.
    #13 KeyRing: Encrypt sensitive data on your device in case you lose your Treo. Only the best (worst) tech gurus would be able to crack it to get your credit cards etc.

    For hire ...
    CallRec: Easy button selected background recording of phone calls. Not just for recording your ex-wife, but for all the times that someone gives you detailed info while driving and you don't want to drive with your knee while trying to write directions or addresses etc into your device. I just double click the VR button and it records in the background both parties of the call. Can also work as a vanilla VR, but Palm did include a nice VR in the 680.

    ... that's some of the stuff that I could not be without.
    Patrick Horne
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    Where can i get singlebuttonlauncher?
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