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    I saw recent mention of this product and thought "what the heck, let's see how it does compared to Causerie". So I requested and downloaded the client -- looks decent so far. But after entering my IM information it seems not to be able to connect to any of them! And when I go to review my IM service settings it keeps forgetting there's a password there. I wonder if it's simply not compatible? Just curious if anyone else has tried it on a more recent POS device.
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    I've been using it for a week now on the Treo 750 (yes, I know it's not a palm device) without any problems until today. I believe webmessenger's servers must have been down today. It seems to be working now, so I suggest giving it another try.
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    OK, thanks I'm curious to see how it does as compared to Causerie. I hadn't heard of it before but saw it mentioned in one of the more recent Verichat threads. I'm wondering, too, how their track record is regarding server uptime and stability of the application and IM connections. These are sometimes challenge areas for Causerie, where it can sometimes be down a whole weekend.
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    I use Webmessenger, I'm a former Verichat user. While Webmessenger looks and feels a lot different that Verichat, I'm happy with it. Webmessenger's Skype plug-in (you need to have Skype running on your desktop computer) works perfect well.

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