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    For those of you who use (or need) an outlining program, Shadow Plan 1.5 has been released. It now has a desktop conduit.

    Check it out at, PalmGear or Handango.
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    This is an awesome app. I was really excited when I downloaded this and began playing with it. Linking to todos, datebook and memo. I really like this program and it's only 13 bucks. Don't hesitate, get it now!!
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    I echo the raves....

    1. The look can be customized to show checkboxes, taskbars, target dates, etc. There is a "quickview" popup button then lets you change views in an instant.

    2. You can easily filter lists or highlight items.

    3. You can link to other Shadow lists, todos, datebook entries, addresses, and notes.

    4. You can easily expand/collapse inline notes.

    5. You can import lists from docs or memos, moreover there are powerful formatting options for exporting to memos or docs.

    6. Desktop app is in the works.

    7. The developer, Jeff Mitchell, is very responsive to both reports on bugs and suggestions for features. The development e-mail list is constantly humming, and Jeff puts out new releases at an amazing pace.

    I've worked with Progect and Bonsai, but the development on both has seriously lagged, and they have been left in the dust of Shadow...

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    This really is terrific software. I recommend it highly.
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    I just wish it had a conduit to MS Word (like Bonsai).
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    The conduit is just in its infancy. I know Jeff has a number of things planned for it here is a quote:

    For Windows users, a first step towards desktop
    support is included in the Windows Enhanced Edition -- a one way backup
    conduit that writes its files in the industry standard XML format. Keep your
    eyes open for tools to translate the XML into RTF, HTML, and other useful
    formats making sharing and printing your data very easy!

    Knowing Jeff these will be in the near future. This guy does not hang around!

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