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    I'm having some issues with the Motorola H700 and the Treo 680:

    1) When the boom is closed, the H700 is supposed to be disconnected from the phone. The Treo does not show the headset icon, but it directs the call to the (turned off) headset anyway! Only the Treo does this, no other phone I use with the headset. I have the "Always route call to Hands-Free" setting turned on, but if I turn it off then I can't seem to answer the calls with the headset button and connecting the headset during a call is a real pain

    2) Many times, when I place a call, I can hear a faint hiss when the headset connects (audio channel is open?), but there is no voice. I switch to speakerphone and I hear the other person going "Hello? Hello?"

    3) Finally, the response of the Treo to the headset button and opening the boom is REALLY SLOW... my Toshiba phone instantly reacts to actions on the headset.

    Does anyone else experience these issues or know of a way to fix them?

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    I am having major static issues w/ the Plant. 655. I wonder if it is the 680 that is the issue??
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    Sunil are you still having problems with the treo 680 and the h700. I am having similar issues. Were you able to figure out the problem??
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    no resolution. I guess we have to wait for a software upgrade from Palm and hope for the best.
    Casio BOSS -> Palm Vx -> Sony Clie -> 8525 (for two weeks) -> Palm Treo 680
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    That sucks. I am even getting cut off now when I am not even using the bluetooth. Peole cant here me, but I hear them. Something got screwy.
    Oh well.
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    I like these but want to understand issues. Did you buy them from a brick & motar store? There are SEVERAL counterfits being sold that look identical on the outside but aren't real. If you paid under about $59 you probably have a fake.
    If the real ones are this troublesome, guess I have to wait for a ROM update or pick another unit, but all bluetooth devices appear a bit tempermental from my reading.

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    I am about ready to throw both the Treo and the H700 out the window!!
    I too have problems. I purchased the headset on ebay and it came in a Moto package, and seemingly worked fine. However it's hit or miss and sometimes it connects to the Treo, sometimes it takes several tries. Just plain crap.

    Here's where it gets interesting. The little metal piece fell off the boom portion. I called Motorola and they sent me a replacement unit. Well, this unit will not even work. The light is PURPLE instead of blue and it indicates that it pairs with the Treo but will not connect to the phone at all. I called Moto and they said that the Purple color is the correct color and that Blue is not. Hmmmm, well everyone I have seen has a blue light and works fine. So they are sending me another one and I will see if this one can connect to the 680. If it does not, then I have writing off Motorola and selling it and getting something else that will pair with my phone.

    I should have stuck with my Blackberry 8700C. At least it worked and the Bluetooth worked as well. If anyone else has any insight to the Bluetooth
    H700 and the Treo 680, do tell. I would like to actually solve this problem once and for all.

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