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    As you know, Good Contacts takes over for the native contacts app. Good Contacts allows me to add speed dials, but does not support photos for the speed dials. If I add a speed dial from the native contacts app, it immediately gets hosed in the speed dial app.

    Can I either A) Add a photo to a Good contact or B) Tell Speed Dial to look at the native contacts, without losing other functionality?

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    So I guess I cant?
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    Great question, I'd love to know the answer too.

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    We do not support speed dial/contact photos. It is on our roadmap, but nothing confirmed as to when it will ship.
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    We understand that Good Contacts does not support most windows standards. But your answer does not really explain the problem to the user nor give him/her any options to choose from.

    Speed dial is built into the OEM ROM for the Treo 750 as well as many other devices. When you access speed dial through one of many available avenues, for now let's say "Today screen> Menu > New Speed Dial", you are prompted to fill in fields for the contact "Link", the "Label" you want to be visible on the Today screen, the phone "Number" and the "Quick Key" to launch a call to that contact. Well the whole issue is in the fact that GoodLink (GL) takes over all registry entries that refer to Pocket Outlooks Contacts. So instead of the "Link to Contact" opening up Outlook Contacts and letting you link to a contact where you have attached a picture, it defaults to Good Contacts which has no rich features such as: pictures, categories, full filtering, ring tone assignments, full name capabilities (title, nickname, suffix), IM addresses, web page address, a dozen other alternate phone numbers/email address fields, birthdays, anniversaries, spouse names, childrens names, account and ID # know, all the stuff you need.

    So picture speed dial, one of the coolest Today Screen features, is not possible with Goodlink installed. And if you think you are going to get around it, think again. I got excited when I thought I could do an end-around. I first opened up Outlook Contacts and opened up a specific contact. I chose the specific phone number of theirs that I wanted and chose "Menu>Add to Speed Dial". The speed dial template comes up and, cool, the link is showing from Pocket Outlook contacts and not Good Contacts. So I can tap on the picture icon in the bottom left part of the screen and assign a picture to this contact. And lo and behold it pulls the picture thumbnail into the speed dial template. And it enables (un-grays) the radio button for "Picture Speed Dial". So I click it. Alright, right? Wrong! I go to the today screen and it did indeed add a "picture" speed dial icon to the screen. But there is no picture, just the shadow icon from the template. What? Goodlink has hijacked your ability to add a speed dial directly from Outlook Contacts. OK, so the picture part doesn't work. But at least the speed dial is there for your contact, right? Wrong again. Try pushing your new "picture" speed dial button. Likely you will get this error..."The number linked to this speed dial has been deleted...". Huh? Not it hasn't. I just assigned it to a fully populated contact of mine. So I OK the error message away. I click-and-hold on the speed dial icon and choose "Edit Speed Dial" to try and see where it all went wrong. And now it becomes apparent that Goodlink is not only crippling speed dial but it is also confusing itself inside the contacts database. Because I now see that the name that I had linked to, John Doe, has now randonly been changed to link to another contact of mine, Bob Smith. Huh? ~scratches head~ So without changing a thing I hit OK in the top right corner. This takes me back to my Today screen where the speed dial icon now disappears altogether. As the guys on the Guiness beer commercial would say, "BRILLIANT".

    So GoodGuy and other Good folks that may be reading. It is not simply the fact that you don't offer the feature of speed dial in your several-years-old application. It is the fact that you CRIPPLE a widely-used feature that otherwise works when your handy little software is not loaded. In another post response to me yesterday GoodGuy said, "I have access to all the 'tech guys'. With all due respect, I have been addressing needs and questions regarding our product for 2 years." Since DAY 1 the most frequently voiced complaint without equal has been this hijacking of the Outlook Contacts. It is the first thing every new GL user mentions. So for 2 years you have been telling the tech guys about this and they have failed to address the issue that they are crippling our $300 - $500 devices? Nice touch.

    Unforunately complaining to Good is like calling your monopoly cable company. They don't have any sense of urgency to address your concern because what else are you going to do? Go find another push solution? Well now there is satellite TV and people have some options, albeit not great ones. And the cable company is losing customers. I guess you have to applaud Good for being the only push-mail kids on the block until recently. They were smart and had us all in a strangle-hold for a while. But finally new solutions are coming to the forefront and will soon surpass the old dogs who refuse to learn new tricks.

    So, sorry PapaJDub and splitsurround, I have searched through the registry exhaustively to try and find some relief. But Good literally has hundreds of registry entries and I cannot figure out how to fix the speed dial option. Hopefully someone smarter than me can find you an answer. I did however, manage to find one small victory in my research. Good Contacts also takes over the entry in "Today>Menu>Contacts". I did find out how to switch that back to Outlook Contacts and at least feel like Good does not totally own my new device. The entry is located at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shell\Rai\:MSCONTACTS. You will see that GL has overwritten the original key to point to Good Contacts. You will also see a key at the bottom called "originalSaved" whose value is ":MSPOUTLOOK contacts". This is the value you need to copy back into key 1 over the Good Contacts. I have had this working for a few weeks and have not had any problems with the change. PLEASE NOTE: If you are not 100% competent with doing registry work do NOT try this. Doing the wrong thing in the registry can cause an unrecoverable problem requiring you to HARD Reset and lose data and/or custom settings.
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    So in light of my ranting above, I would like to ask the Good folks to answer two very specific questions.

    Question 1:
    If the whole Contacts hijacking issue has been known from day 1 (years ago) to not only make users angry but also cripple or disable other OEM and third-party app features, what has Good been doing to correct this? There have been multiple version upgrades to GL and no relief to this major issue.

    While doing your testing this surely came to light. And if it didn't, you have had hundreds of users telling you of all the instances in which it conflicts with their devices. So...

    Question 2:
    Please walk us through the decision making process (because you have access to all the tech guys) where Good reviewed these issues and decided it would be acceptable to disable parts of our devices and wipe out customizations such as removing shortcuts to Outlook programs, adding multiple GL shortcuts throughout the Start Menu and creating subordinate folders inside of Programs to store Outlook shortcuts. Does Good think they know better how to customize our devices than we do?
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    Just letting you know that I am reading this thread, but have found that any response to Conekkted goes on deaf ears and will never satisfy. I understand the frustrations of folks as it relates to native contact stores on devices and how Good does not use them and, therefore, none of the additional device features that are associated with those contacts. If it were a matter of just waiving a wand and making it available, we would. However, from a security standpoint, it is not that easy. The ability to use native contacts is on the roadmap and my guess is it is because of encryption abilities of GMD that will probably go into GMM. The fact that I am not going to commit to a release date or to a particular feature change/addition, while not good enough for some, unfortunately, will have to suffice until I get confirmation. That is the software business. There is no such thing as a hard release date on a product/version that is scheduled for a quarter or two out.
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    Can you address the fact that we understand you might not have support for features such as this for a quarter or two, but in the interim it is unacceptable to actually DISABLE features that we have purchased from other vendors. Is this legal?
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    To all,

    The real issue is that Good makes a "Contacts" application available at all. I cannot speak for the Windows Mobile crowd as I don't have one of those phones to work on. There is a workaround available in the Palm world of just deleting the Good Contacts. GAL lookups for e-mail are still available using the Goodlink application. While I don't want to pile on and I definitely don't understand the architecture behind the WM devices I don't think it would be too difficult to simply not supply a Good Contacts application with the WM stuff. From what I can see Good has no interaction with Pocket Outlook, doesn't use it's binaries to send/receive mail, etc. Then again I'm not a programmer nor am I involved in the development of GMM.

    Just my $.02 worth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by conekkted View Post
    it is unacceptable to actually DISABLE features that we have purchased from other vendors. Is this legal?
    I don't want to speak for Goodguy but the obvious answer (I'm hoping I don't get flamed for this) is to not use the Good software if it doesn't work the way you want it to work. If it's your company's policy to use Goodlink instead of other programs to make e-mail available on your phone then it might be a good idea to talk to senior management in your company and ask them to see what else might be available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trodecke View Post
    To all,
    There is a workaround available in the Palm world of just deleting the Good Contacts. ...I don't think it would be too difficult to simply not supply a Good Contacts application with the WM stuff.
    If only it were that easy. The windows mobile implementation of GL is a suite of products that cannot be separated from one another. So it's all or nothing. Their install physically replaces all references to the built in Outlook contacts in the registry. So any menus or shortcuts that call for contacts launches the Good Contacts.

    I would love to see the contacts portion taken out and just use the email and calendar. I can already see the negative impacts of not having integrated contacts, but it is a way better solution than the current implementation of Good Contacts.

    So Good, any way to separate contacts out like on Palm OS?
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    So Good, any way to separate contacts out like on Palm OS?
    Not that I know of and, based on your previous posts, if you haven't found it within registry hacks, it probabaly does not exist.

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