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    Ok, so I have the Treo 750 and i hate the windows OS. Should I get an unlocked treo 650 for cheap or a new unlocked treo 680. I want an unlocked one because i travel so frequantly. thanks for helping
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    I've had both the 650 and 680. The new 680 wins hands down for stability. Increased internal memory is the key. I also like having the SD-card hidden and not sticking out of the top. No accidental removal from an inadvertant touch. The 680 is the overwhelmingly superior device and you won't regret spending more to get such a better Treo.

    I've tried to like Windows Mobile. I really have. Maybe my Macintosh prejudice is showing through, but I just don't like the way Windows works. Too many steps to get to where the Palm OS will be in 1/2 the steps. And the instability issues alone are a deal breaker. My Treo 650 wasn't any better in the stability department than any of the Windows Mobile devices I've used. In fact, that instability is what drove me to Blackberries for a couple of years. Once RIM had a model with a camera and expandable storage I had to try it. The Palm vs. Blackberry was the real question for me. The Pearl is great, but the 680 is better for me.

    Blackberry Pearl Pros:
    Small size. It's tiny but the screen is still big enough to be useful. Not quite as big as the Treo screen, but just big enough and very good resolution as well.

    Trackball. Man, I wish Palm would get rid of the D-pad and go to either the Pearl-style trackball or the older Blackberry thumbwheel on the side. Keep the touch screen but add the thumbwheel . Eliminating the D-pad would free up enough space for a slightly larger keyboard as well.

    Treo 680 Pros:
    QWERTY keyboard vs. SureType. The Pearl's SureType system is much improved over past versions and I got pretty used to it, but nothing beats the full QWERTY of the Treo.

    Calendar. The Blackberry calendar is pretty similar to Windows Mobile in how limited it is. I use DateBk5 with my Treo and use the week-at-a-glance view almost exclusively. I can see how my week is shaping up at a glance (imaging that!) and preview coming weeks just like with an old fashioned paper date book. I became addicted to this view when it was included as part of the standard calendar on the Treo 600. When Palm released the 650 they eliminated it and went with their own version of the calendar app. I bought Pimlico's DateBk5 and got it back. Pimlico sold Palm a "lite" version of DateBk for the 600 but Palm chose to use their own calendar for the 650, which drove me nuts. The Blackberry has the monthly veiw, which is pretty useless to me, the God-awful weekly view (like WM) that just shows blocked out time periods for appoinments, standard dailly view that everyone has, and agenda view. In agenda they simply list all your appointments by date. It's the most useful feature of the calendar app on a Blackberry but a far cry from the DateBk5 week-at-a-glance view.

    Blackberry dedicated data plans. You can't use a regular data plan from your carrier with a Blackberry. You need a Blackberry Data Plan sold specifically for the Blackberry device. I have T-Mobile and use the $4.99 per month tzones to get my email and browse the web. I don't think you can find a Blackberry Data Plan anywhere cheaper than $30/month. Most carries are even more. Verizon gets $50/month. And that's on top of your regular minutes plan to make phone calls! You can get data plans that charge you by the Kb downloaded but there are some real horror stories out there about bills at the end of the month. I'll stick with my tzones plan, thank you very much!

    It seems like that although the Blackberry Pearl has pushed into the consumer space, the real magic of the Blackberry happens when you're on a corporate Blackberry Enterprise Server. Personal users are Blackberry Internet Service. With BES you get OTA syncing of contacts, calendar, and email. This is where Blackberry has the biggest advantage. Without the corporate connection the Blackberry loses some of it's luster.
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    SE P900-->Treo 650 (Cingular)-->Qtek 9100-->Treo 650 (Unlocked)-->Treo 680 (Unlocked)-->Treo 650-->ATT Tilt-->Blackberry Curve-->?PRE
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    I like the 680, def over the 650 - I am using both the pearl and 680 right now - I just wish the RIM devices had better PIM software , this way I can use the Pearl more!
    Cingular 680
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    Yeah, go for a 680. It's the sexy.

    Hey, rambo47, another 680 t-mobber, hi-5!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dpc View Post
    Yeah, go for a 680. It's the sexy.

    Hey, rambo47, another 680 t-mobber, hi-5!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jprincipe View Post
    Ok, so I have the Treo 750 and i hate the windows OS. Should I get an unlocked treo 650 for cheap or a new unlocked treo 680. I want an unlocked one because i travel so frequantly. thanks for helping

    That depends. I have the 680, previously owned the 650. My preference runs towards the 680 for stability of the extra memory, hidden SD card, and it feels a lot smaller than the 650.

    HOWEVER. If you are a power user (checking e-mail all day long, keeping the Network connected, don't have a chance to top off the battery during the day, etc), the 650 may be a better choice. With the Seidio 2400 mAh battery, I could go several days without charging. It did everything my 680 can do, but there were some stability issues if I used Versamail and the Web-browser. I even paid to upgraded to version 3.5 of Versamail. If I used only Snappermail, no problems. Versa-mail has active sync which is superior to what snappermail can do, if you are using an Exchange 2003 mail server.

    680 - If you want a phone with occasional/manual e-mail checking and web-browsing and a full function palm.

    650 - If you Need long battery life between charges.
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    According to Seidio, they're close to releasing a higher capacity battery for the 680. They currently offer one that is more of a replacement battery, offering only an 8% increase in power. Something more significant is "coming soon". I loved the super-capacity 2400 mAh battery I bought from Seidio for my 650, but I'm not willing to get one of those humpback covers to get that power in my 680.

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