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    I'm delurking here to seek help. I'm trying to upgrade from my old Tungsten E to my new 680 and I think I did something wrong. I tried to follow Perry's suggestions for a clean install, but went awry.

    I hotsynced my Tungsten presumably for the last time. Then I installed the new Palm Desktop software and renamed my backup folder. Then hotsynced the 680. I stupidly gave the 680 a different name - totally not thinking - so of course nothing transferred. But when I went into Palm Desktop and looked at the users, only the new name was there. The old one from my Tungsten was gone. So I hotsynced that one again, and at least that old user is now back. So I deleted the new name from the User list and did the shortcut-.-5 thing on the 680, thinking that would get rid of the new name entirely and when I go to hotsync again it'll hotsync to the old name. Nope. I get a message saying "create a new user on this pc?" or something like that, and if I click ok (my only option other than cancel) the new user name comes back. Now the shortcut-.-5 thing isn't working on the 680, and I can't get my old data into it at all.

    I know I sound like a moron, but please someone help a girl out.
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    Once the old user is on back on the destkop, rename the backup directory and hard reset the Treo 680. When you Hotsync, you'll be asked if you want to use the old name: answer "Yes".
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    And then once you have your E's info on your 680 (and not everything may move as it may be incompatible with the 680 - look at the Palm KB article 41712 for what the transfer does with them), you'll want to rename your E as no two devices can have the same name on Desktop. Look at KB article 24485, Option 2 for a way to do that. Then with the next sync, it'll ask for a new name for it.

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