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    Do you mean in the preferences menu - under the Treo subheading?

    They give you the four choices - Do not return after calls, return after TakephONE calls, return after all calls, return after all outgoing calls.

    Which should I have it on? I tried all four and its still doing it.
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    Also... are you saying that the phone cant just live in TakephOne? It has to go back and forth at every call?
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    New Fix!!! For Vindingo... with the Treo 680 you are not able to dial phone numbers directly out of Vindigo - there is a utlility that is free and comes with the TakephOne application called Outcall. Right now you have to get it as a part of the stuffed archive for TakephOne 6.0 (7.0 is for the 680, but it doesn't have the folder with the extra apps).

    After installing and running Outcall (which is located in the Perfs app) I then went to Vindigo and the numbers were click to dial. Woo Hoo!

    Now if someone can help me with the 3 second acid flash back to the old Treo menus everytime I get off a call, before the phone reverts to TakephOne.
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    TakePhone is a front-end to the Phone application. You can't remove the Phone application, etc.. So yes, when it finishes, it returns to the phone app. You can set TakePhone to return to itself, or not, when it's done.

    And if your phone is returning to TakePhone after you end a call, you didn't change the option. I decided to test it and if it's set to not return, it doesn't, it stays in the Phone app. I normally have it set to "After TakePhone calls" (ie: I've dialed out, typically).
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    Got it... Thanks!
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