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    As a Canadian Treo user, I am frustrated by (1) the price of our data plans, and (2) the lack of information about Treo-optimized websites that have Canadian content.

    So, I am starting a thread of websites for Canadian Treo users --> websites which have Canadian content and aren't heavy on data usage ... feel free to add please!

    -- (Yellow Pages)

    -- (weather for major cities)

    -- (flight status)

    -- (movie listings)

    -- (general information)
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    Thank you from the bottom of my Canuckian heart.

    Others, from the Palm Canada mobile site:
    CTV -
    CBC -
    (PowerPlay Vs) >> palmOne Zire 31 >>
    (palm Tungsten T3)/(palmOne Zire 72s) >> (palm Black Tie Trēo 650 Custom)/
    (palmOne LifeDrive Custom [SanDisk Ultra II CF])/(palm m515)/(palm T|X)
    handspring Visor Deluxe/Tapwave Zodiac 2/palm Trēo 680 Copper Orange

    Canuck PDA

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