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    I wasn't to impressed with the Kinoma upgrade. It wasn't all it was hyped up to be. Yes- I use Orb which worked (if not better) on the old Kinoma. The only real thing that I like about this new version is that the screen FINALLY turns off while streaming or listening to audio... still no background play which was dissapointing.

    I'd say save your money on this one.
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    I bought the program on TreoCentral's glowing recommendation. If I'd known that the huge "Media Guide" is mostly podcasts (which I can get for free), and video that I can't view (WiFi only), or streaming files that are unwatchable (the application complains about insufficient bandwidth), I'd have kept my money in my pocket.

    I'm pretty disappointed both in the program, and in TreoCentral's review. I'm going to take a very big grain of salt next time I read this site.

    (Treo 700p on Sprint PowerVision service, DSL Reports says I get about 256k/s throughput)
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