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    hello all
    the speaker in my 700p ( the one that goes to your ear) is dead
    it died in the middle of a phone call.
    I did soft resets and try to disable the jack for wired headset with volume care bu it did nothing
    the only way I can make calls right now is to use the wired headset or speaker phone which I hate and bt I gave up on that long time ago

    what can I do?
    or do I have to get new phone?
    and if i do here is another question
    this phone was an insurance replacement from sprint and it less than 2months old
    am I still going to have to pay deductible for new one?
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    It sounds like a problem with the headset jack. The Treo's is rather flimsy. My first one did this and I had to keep sliding the jack in till it got back to where it was supposed to be. It was one of several problems I had. My replacement from Verizon has been better.

    As far as the replacement fee goes, you'll have to check your contract. With Verizon, they would replace it. I just had to replace another phone that was a replacment from back in October. No additional charge.

    Oh, and I won't use a wired headset with the Treo again. I only use bluetooth. As long as I leave it on all the time, I don't have connection problems. I also use it strictly for the wireless headset. No other devices. When Motorola comes out with a decent smartphone (not the Q) with a quality screen resolution, I'll make the switch.
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    mine sometimes quit working, both the ear piece and the speaker. I have to plug a headset in and unplug it for it to work again. It's like sometimes all of the sudden the treo thinks a headset is plugged in.

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