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    Is anyone else running these two programs on a Visor Deluxe with no problems?

    I have just upgraded to the new drivers for the Stowaway Keyboard V 1.5. I am now getting the IRLink status box flashing every 30 seconds no matter which program I am in.

    I upgraded to the new driver because I was having a problem with Wordsmith crashing under certain circumstances. see:

    I cured the problem by removing either my Stowaway Keyboard driver or IRLink. It would seem that the Stowaway and IRLink programs are interacting in some way.

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    You can't use the Stowaway at the same time as the IR port. They both need use of the single COM port on the machine (Springboards don't have this problem). That's the problem.
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    I am not trying to run them both at the same time. I have updated the Stowaway Driver which seems to be interacting with IRLink. I get the flashing Status box every thirty seconds in what ever program I am running....


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    Yes, but isn't IRLink always using the port -- in a sense, monitoring it? I may be wrong, but that strikes me as the only possible explanation for your problem. Perhaps someone else will have another idea, though.
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    One more thing, from ISComplete, which makes IRLink:

    How to make GoType™ work with IrLink without switching back and forth from IR and RS-232 ?

    Use MIXED.
    You must go to Menu/MIXED Setup to set the GoType to RS-232. Otherwise if you set it in ASK mode, you are able to turn GoType on but can't turn it off while you are in GoType main form.

    Perhaps that will fix the Stowaway problem for you...
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    Originally posted by PRIZER
    but that strikes me as the only possible explanation for your problem.
    I'm getting the same WordSmith errors WITHOUT IRLink installed...
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