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    Hi All,

    I am planning to buy a Treo 680 from a Cingular Customore who has the 680 unlocked and unregistered.

    My carrier is T-Mobile and I need to know if the 680 is eligible for the 1 yrs manufacturers warranty once I buy it?

    I had mixed response from the palm customer service
    1. since it is unregistered, i can have it registered and be eligible for the 1 yr warranty
    2. since it is a cingular device which is unlocked and will not be eligible for warranty

    Has anyone enquired about this before.

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    since t-mo doesnt carry the 680, i dont think their warranty covers it.

    assurian, the company that handles the warranty, will only replace the device with a like device.

    you probably should talk to them about how they will handle it.
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    Thanks for the response. Since Palm is the manufacturer will the phone 680 unlocked from cingular be eligible for warranty directly with Palm.

    Also how do i contact assurian. Any link? Any other companies that provide warranties?
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    Insurance is provided through your service provider. That's different from what your asking.

    I think if it's a Cingular branded device the warranty needs to at least be referred through them the same way customer support needs to go through them. In any case, most warranties require the sales slip which you won't have. Perhaps when it's time for warranty stuff you will get lucky and they won't ask. Unless your getting a really great deal, you might reconsider the savings versus the peace of mind of the warranty that comes from buying direct.

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