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    On my 650, I had to replace the top buttons twice because the paint wore off the 5 way, and the light shining through the scratches was annoying. Does anyone know if the 700p is the same, or if this set of buttons is not painted? I'd like to know before I buy a good case for it, since I may want to cover the entire front (not something I really want to do.)
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    Yup, my 5 way is starting to lost the silver paint on the bottom. I guess I use 'scroll down' more then anything else on the 5 way.
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    Yup, the bottom part is already wearing off, after only a few months... I had my 600 for 2 years and I did not have such an issue. Not that I am complaining that much, I'm willing to give Palm some slack in their paint job as long as they give us the ROM update SOON.

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