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    I can't take this 680 anymore. Not when there is still a very viable 650 with outstanding battery life, a customizable LED, and all the same Palm software that I enjoy. Plus with ROM customization I can have Fast-Mode Blazer, 8gb SD support, and all the crap stripped off. Throw in the new short antenna from and the 650 is just plain better. I was able to sell my 680 for 350.00 on ebay (what I bought it for with educator discount) and bought my brand-new unlocked 650 for 289.99 plus shipping on Ebay. Hopefully, it will arrive today. This will replace my current 650 (broken headphone jack and generally beat-up). Also looked into 750 but can't do without a viable Chattermail replacement (vgsmail, Flexmail, other mail "services" don't cut it). On a positive note, the 750 surprisingly had great equivalent or even better apps to replace what I like for the PalmOS. Once they get Flexmail (or something) right, I may make the change because HSDPA would be nice.
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    flex mail sucks - nothing tops chatter - period.
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