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    Does anyone know of a way to increase the vibrate strength on the 700p? It feels pretty weak when the volume is turned off. Thanks!
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    My old Treo 300 use to vibrate so hard the keys would rattle and it was almost as loud as a regular alarm.

    I try to keep it close to my body when I have it on vibrate, though I wouldn't be surprised if someone came up with something here that, in fact, did make it a little stronger. I haven't heard this request before...
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    i gave up on the vibrator for my treo long ago. i missed to many important calls because it's so weak. i can't depend on it. i get jealous when my coworker in the cubicle across from mines sidekick's vibrator goes off,she only has it on a medium setting. do you know how strong sidekick vibrations are? it's top setting should be considered a ringtone.
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    Unfortunately the strenght of the motor cannot be changed. It is unique to that motor. I've swapped motors before and one motor was always stronger no matter which phone I put it in.
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    I am just the opposite. I get annoyed that the vibration is just as loud as a ringer. I don't want the entire staff meeting to know I have gotten a call, text message or email. In fact, loud vibration annoys me just as much as someone not turning off their ringer at all...

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