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The 700p does come with headphones of *excellent* audio quality (never purchased the Shures or any of the high end units). In one of my posts above, maybe I should have said that using the adapter had a subtle but noticeable effect on the quality of the Sony and Phillips headphones I had been using on my CD player; and, it is the quality of the audio on my CD player that I am using as a point of reference when I express the feeling that it is influenced by the adapter. They sound a tad "flat" when compared to when I use them on the CD Player.

The build quality on the 700p's included headphones is not the greatest, but it is acceptable; the audio is actually the best I've heard on a device of this type. I suppose they are being sold by Palm retail but am not sure.
Meh, no such headphones included in the 680 box. I've been thinking they'd be convenient too. Maybe I'll get some of the retractable ones so I can carry 'em in my cargos, I've seen a few styles of those.