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    Is there some way to set up shortcuts in the Treo to enable access to a specific function within an application, not just a shortcut to the application?

    I was wondering about two things in particular - disconnect and autsync (in versamail).

    Since the Treo doesn't have the option to disconnect automaticaly upon exit in Versamail or Blazer (dumb, IMO), I was wondering if there is a way to set up a one button shortcut to the disconnect option in the network preferences. Currently I am using the NetworkDown application which works pretty well (having it mapped to a single button push).

    The other question is about autosync in Versamail. Is there some way to easilly turn it on or off, some shortcut? When I am at work, I obviously don't need it to check my email, or likewise when I am at home with a computer. But when I am on the road, it would be nice to be able to toggle the autosync status with the push of a button.

    Yeah, I am lazy, trying to look for a quick shortcut for something that takes at most four or five button pushes.

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    For disconnecting from the network from within any application, I use the combination of reset netlib (mapped to a Favorite hotkey) and Butler's Keylauncher function.
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    Another option might be a macro written with MacroPlay (once again being discussed on the forum). Sounds like it might be just the thing if Bill's suggestion doesn't do what you want.

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