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    I have a 700w and i always charge it at nite, it says 100% every morning.
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    I havent logged in for a while now, but now I have I've noticed that some old issues that have been extensively discussed seem to be coming back. This might help some of the people who are new to the 680 hardware discussions.

    1. Battery charge not being 100% once unplugged was discussed extensively earlier this month on various forums. The apparent explanation is that the meter rounds down to the nearest whole number, so once off the charger, it is instantly below 100% (ie. 99%).

    2. Battery meter reading much lower than 99% (eg. 92%). Many earlier posts reached the likely explanation that the 680 does not seem to trickle charge properly (as Khaytsus mentioned), because several people (myself included) noticed that the longer it is on the charger after being charged, the worse the drop is. This seems to be a bug, which is easy enough to live with but should be fixed...come on Palm! I usually unplug it, then plug it straight back in for a little while (20 minutes or so) longer and then it is right.

    3. Battery conditioning versus meter calibration. Li Ion batteries do NOT need to be conditioned (ie. fully discharged and recharged several times), this is actually bad for them and can shorten their lifespan, particularly if done too much. However, the 680 battery METER does need to be calibrated it seems. This can be achieved with a single full discharge (until the 680 can not be switched on), followed by a full recharge. Thats it. It shouldnt need to be repeated, and it should make a big difference to how the 680 appears to perform (but probably no actual difference, it will just drop down in battery percentage more consistently rather than rushing down at the start, then hanging around near zero for a disproportionately long time).

    There are lots of posts providing lots of evidence in support of these points - most of this info can be found in the original (very long) thread about 680 battery life, which was started way back in October. If you want to look them up, check out and maybe start at the most recent end.
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