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    How can I view the pictures taken by a Verizon 650P on a Verizon 700P?

    The 700P is unable to read the photo files I put on the SD card in the 650 when I put that SD card into the 700P.
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    What directory did you put the photos in?
    (They need to go in the DCIM folder on the card. . . . . .)

    Do you have FileZ? (Freeware File Manager for the PalmOS)
    You can move the files around on the SD card with it. . . .
    click on Download
    select FileZ
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    I just saved them to the SD card and then dropped the card into the 700P. I still have the 650P (as in paperweight). I'll get the filez program and see if I can do this the correct way.

    Thank you for your assistance..
    I remain

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