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    I have done a search and I am trying to find an app that sorts my call log. The only thing I have found so far is PhoneToolsPro.

    Is there any other app that will provide this in a listing? I want to either sort by name or number.

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    On your phone or the log once synced to your desktop?

    Check out Treodesktop
    or Natara Comet(I use this one) by name/date/number on your phone
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    I third the selection of Natara Comet and have used it since the 600 first came out. Ben
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    I used to use Natara Comet when I had my 600 on Sprint, and getting call detail records from Sprints was a painful thing to do (just need them for expense reports).

    Now that I'm with Cingular I just download an excel file direct from the Cingular web site - nicely formatted call detail records, so no longer need to Natara.
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    That is the reason I started using Comet and have stuck with it. Ben

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