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    Its really too bad that Palm/PalmOne/PalmSource/ACCESS continues to offer fewer programs with each device incarnation.

    Expense? Gone. And hasn't been supported in the Desktop for awhile.

    Media? Introduced and included as an easy link within Desktop. Now, not so much.

    Notes? Despite the fact that the Treo still has Graffitti (and touch screen) embedded in the OS, they no longer offer the program to do freehand quickie notes or drawings. And again, Desktop no longer supports it.

    Favorites Launcher? OK, not great, but better than nothing. Gone in Treo 680, replaced by a bastardized shortcut screen in Phone.


    (Oh and don't get me started about the Desktop for Mac...)

    Seems like Palm is so busy wishing it was the only smartphone provider, they've lost sight that the PDA programs that built the Company is what makes/made their device popular. Slowly removing the programs (or the support for them) one by one and leaving them as abandonware is not particularly helpful and will only encourage users to find alternatives - and here I don't mean just software....
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    In some cases though, the third party applications have normally far exceeded those that were built in and people are always complaining about having to have such-and-such when they do not use it. In my case, I do not use Versmail. I did not use Real Player, et cetera.

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    True enough.

    Palm dumps software and doesn't improve the ones they keep.

    Certainly there are improvements and enhancements out there (often freeware) that have always rivaled Palm's products (the Address Book/Contacts and Calendar are oft-improved ones that come to mind) but still, how much effort is there to maintaining some continuity with software traditionally built into the OS (or ones that they create and then dump, i.e. Media), including in the Desktop?

    And let's face it, both VersaMail and RealPlayer were 3rd Party programs embedded in the Palm, not core PalmOS programs...
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    Versamail and Realplayer are OK for light users.
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    Yes, we have lost some limited amount of functionality in successive Palm releases, but if you ever pick up one of your old devices and start using it again, you'll immediately notice how far the base set of applications and features have come since that model was current.

    Generally speaking, Palm is a small company and their propensity for deprecating lesser used apps is, I think, a direct result.

    As Ben pointed out, there are tons of excellent third-party programs which do the relatively simple tasks you point out, and they are often freeware, so it is hard to get too excited about these omissions.

    Additionally, if you own an older Palm, in many cases you can beam the applications from it into your new one. Not all of them still work, but many do.
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    The problem is, with many of these 3rd Party programs and stuff shifted from earlier devices , is there is no means of actually accessing the info on your computer- its all just backup. Desktop used to give direct access to Expense, Notes, Media, etc so you could view, edit and cut and paste into other programs, while 99% of all 3rd party programs have no desktop equivalent at all.

    Its all very well for me to have shifted a couple of programs over from my TX to my 680 but they only exist there as long as I don't do a hard reset and mean diddly-squat as far as Desktop is concerned.

    Small Company? No, fans who build replacement and alternative software and post it as freeware are small companies - Palm is a large company that has gone thru far too many restructurings and may have lost interest in doing anything but providing hardware to wireless companies.
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    What I want and seriously on this, is a device that has ONLY the basic - PIM management, a basic dialer and nothing else. No player. No email. Nothing.

    With the third party applications out there, especially from the many developers that are very active with quality applications, I would be happy.


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