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    As a Treo 700p owner, and avid beta tester, I’m growing increasingly accustomed to performing hard resets and I’m trying to figure out the best and most efficient way to restore my device. I’ve kind of got my own weird system down, but I could really use some help with a few remaining issues:

    First, let me explain what I do when I’m convinced I need to do a hard reset is the following:

    1. backup the device using Resco Backup (I also use as a kind of fail safe)
    2. perform a warm reset to prevent installed apps from initiallizing
    3. move all apps (except for Kinoma and OnDemand) to my SD card via PowerRUN
    4. perform a hard reset
    5. move a copy of PowerRUN from my SD card back into RAM
    6. move essential apps such as LauncherX, Agendus, SplashID, ChatterEmail, etc. back into RAM using PowerRUN
    7. On the PC, rename/delete the backup (and archive) folders so the contents are not restored to the device.
    8. On the PC, switch conduits for Agendus PIMs to “desktop overwrites handheld"
    9. perform a HotSync
    10. manually re-register all of my apps and reset all app and system prefs

    * certain apps, such as Kinoma (not the one in ROM) ChatterEmail and WorldMate Pro don’t successfully make the transition from the SD card back to RAM via PowerRUN and certain files, such as third-party prefs panel apps aren’t available for transfer via PowerRUN. To handle this, I have created a second backup set in Resco Backup that backs up the following individual files for restoring after the hard reset:

    Blazer BF History
    Blazer Bookmarks
    Blazer CacheHistory
    Blazer Cookies
    Blazer Field Autofill
    Blazer Find Autofill
    Blazer URL Autofill
    FieldPlus (cool prefs app)
    JpegLib (for WorldMate Pro
    KinomaPalm5 AudioLib
    LXOS5Standard-Mod (custom hi-res theme for LauncherX)
    Messages Database (SMS messages)
    pnoJpegLib (for WorldMate Pro)

    Once I’ve restored the apps via PowerRUN, restored the individual files mentioned above and performed a HotSync, I then have to manually configure system prefs and enter registration info for all of my apps.

    Okay, that’s my quirky way of restoring my device. The reason I don’t simply restore the full backup from Resco Backup is because usually when I do, I wind up with the same issue that prompted the need for the hard reset in the first place…

    Now HERE are my questions:

    1. I’d like to find a more streamlined or automatic way to restore my system prefs (date format, button assignments, power settings, etc), as well my owner info and even the registration info for my apps, but without reintroducing potentially corrupted or bloated prefs files. If I understand correctly, the file psysLaunchDB contains some of this info but a) I’m not sure exactly what info it contains and b) this file can become corrupted and bloated, so I’m hesitant to simply restore my old, backed up copy. Also, I’m not sure what the difference is between the Saved Preferences and Unsaved Preferences files is, what those files contain, and which, if any could/should be restored without reintroducing a corrupt or bloated file. I’d greatly appreciate if someone could describe the difference between these three files (and any others I might be missing) and how best to safely restore some of the info contained within.

    2. Is there a way, after performing a hard reset, to manually set or input the HotSync ID on my device without having to HotSync? After moving apps back into RAM from the SD card via PowerRUN, I can’t enter reg info until I’ve Hot Synced, so that my HotSync ID is registered on the device. This isn’t a problem if I’m near my home PC, but if I’m not, I’m stuck.

    3. What are the PIM data files (address, contacts, tasks, memos) and /or Agendus add-ons (if anny) that can be manually backed up and restored? (I can user Northglide’s OnGuard Backup to backup my PIM data, but the program also backs up – and restores – the prefs files that may or may not be corrupted or bloated, so I’m not sure if this is the best solution).

    Any and all feedback and assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!
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    Wow. You might take a look at Northglides On Guard Backup, - it can be used to monitor user specified applications, from the PIM, to whatever you feel needs to be kept up to date at all times - what it does is backs up the application and or its related data files to the card and allows you to restore from the information in the case of a hard reset. It also means that you have the latest information at all times, which is of course far from true even with a recent backup.

    After a hard reset has been done and the device restored with a known good backup, run the companion program, On Guard Restore and use it to restore whatever is there. Do this before running those applications, as when the applications are exited, the GOOD and CURRENT information will be overwritten with what might be OLD information.

    What I do when I am in the playing mood is to perform a backup using Resco Backup and then I play. In addition to that, I also make sure I have bunches of backups - I keep NINE on the card. I also use Uninstall Monitor along with ZLauncher to handle application deletions.

    What this allows me to do is to play and at the end of play time if I decide to get rid of an application and I find I cannot, or the device gets really done messed up, I execute a hard reset, restore from the latest backup and then restore whatever data needs to be updated via On Guard Restore. This also means I do not spend a whole lot of time getting the device ready for business.

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    Thanks very much. As I mentioned above, I too have OnGuard Backup, but I think it restores the psysLaunchDB file, doesn't it? I'm leary of doing this, as this file - I think - can become corrupted and might, in fact be the reason I'm inclined to perform a hard reset (device slowing down, random resets, apps not working properly, etc.).

    Do you have any idea what info is stored in the psysLaunchDB file, the Saved Preferences file and the Unsaved Preferences file and whether it is safe and or smart to restore any of these after a hard reset?

    Palm Treo 755p with 2GB SanDisk microSD, Launcher X
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    OnGuard Backup restores only what you designate it to restore.

    Saved Preferences are those preferences that are saved during a hotsync backup and Unsaved Preferences are those that are not saved during a backup.

    psysLaunchDB - never gave it a thought.

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    You could also try using BackupBuddyVFS Pro. In the advanced mode it has options to have custom backup sets and you could also select to restore individual files or groups of files after a hard reset. It has all the features of onguard backup as well.

    You could save multiple backup sets using BBVFS Pro and pick and choose what you wanted to restore from them. The latest version is very powerful.
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    You really are better of restoring completely from a known good backup than just restoring saved preferences - things change and we forget at times about changes made.


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