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    Every time I transfer a memo from my IIIc to my 700p, they automatically go in DocumentsToGo.

    Is there a way to force them to the memo program on the 700p instead?

    This is driving me mad. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Are you beaming?
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    I transfered all of my notes from my IIIc to my E2 and from my E2 to my 700P via hotsync, they went into memo.
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    Yes, I'm beaming the memos. Is that the reason?

    If I load them from my old user file through a hotsync, will that make it work?

    I'll have to give that a try tonight, and post my results.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Well, I looked at my user file and it only has the memo database as a whole, not the individual memos themselves.

    I'm guessing if I load up that file it will overwrite my current datatbase.

    Any other way to do this?
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    Can you import/export memos from the Hot Sync app on your PC (Palm) that you're using?
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    Nice call! I completely forgot about that in Palm Desktop. Going to try now.


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