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    Sometimes when I'm typing, whether it be a message, email, or something in Docs or SiEd my text entry will sputter & stall. Sometimes entire words will not get entered even though I typed them. Anyone else experiencing something like this?
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    Ya...its happening to me to. I thought it was my crappy service im getting in NH. Traveling for work. I have verizon. You?
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    Yep. It's why I turned off push email. It still happens, but not as often.
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    I dont have any apps installed on my treo 650. Still doing it just starting this week.
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    Started with me too, I have Sprint...maybe there networks are stalling?
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    I am experiencing this as well. It is VERY frustrating. I am hoping that others post to this as well if they are having this issue. I don't think this is a carrier problem as you have NOT even sent anything to the network yet.

    Please let me know if I might need to return/replace mine. I still am within my 15.
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    I have sprint, though I'm sure this isn't a network issue. It happens in email, in Docs to Go, in SiEd, in DragonEdit, in text boxes in the browser, basically in every app where I enter text whether I'm connected to the network or not. It seems like the larger the block of text, the more likely it is to lag. And it only happens intermittently too. What the dealio, Palm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KabukiAssassin View Post
    ...whether I'm connected to the network or not....
    Does "connected to the network" refer to having your phone on, or refer to having an internet connection?

    I have found that the Treo's effort to change neworks (i.e. from Sprint to Roaming or vice versa) takes operational precendence, and during the time where it is acquiring the "new" network signal operations is stalled.

    I don't think I've been experiencing those interruptions when the phone is off.
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    the only time it happens to me is when my device is pulling for an email or is otherwise involved with the network....
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    I responded to a similar issue here (see my 1st post in that thread):
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    by connected to the network I mean phone on with an active data connection. it can't be roaming b/c not only do I have it set for sprint only, also the majority of the time I notice it I'm at work, where we have active sprint routers installed.

    Dkirker- I read the thread & I've checked everything you mentioned. No luck yet :/

    I'm beginning to think my treo is a sentient being with moods & feelings. Some days its just cranky, tired, and doesn't wanna work.
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    I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by fleeing the scene of the accident!

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