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    I'm currently trying out both apps, and Genius is definitely the leader as far as power goes, but doesnt offer the ability to just search for pics like GoogHelper does. One could search in Google, then modify the mobile Google to seach for pics, but one more step. Also, Genius could benefit from the button GoogHelper has to return directly to Genius. But they do have the Find that is a minor niggle. I love the Translation tab for Genius! Half of the buttons on GoogHelper seem obsolete. I mean, if you wanted to search for a stock, just enter the ticker symbol. Same for software, books, and news. Wish I wouldve gotten the $.99 promo because I would get both! Too bad neither pulls the results from the web, skipping Blazer altogether.
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    I used to use these but have switched to (free) Boopsie.
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    anyone using this still - with the SHOP selection the pages don't even come out formatted for the treo screen - i have to scroll way over to try and find the prices... anyone else see this problem? any solutions? hard to read the results as is
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