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    Phone Type: Treo Palm 700P
    Provider: Sprint

    We are testing GoodLink as a replacement for Sprint Business Connection. Overall we are impressed with the application; however, it seems to be very slow in comparison. Even downloading GL using OTA setup took what seem to be forever. In the past downloading Business Connection (1.7MB) would take about 25-40 secs) but receiving GL (2.3MB) it took 4-5 minutes. Other issues also related to speed. When receiving attachments it is also quite a bit slower and the background syncing seems to be off by about 5 minutes. using Business Connection w/Push Technology, an email received by Exchange would be on the phone with 30secs to 1min whereas with GL it could be as long as 10 minutes.

    Is these issues all normal or is there something I need to do from the managment console or server side to improve these issues? Please advise,

    Thanks for your assistance
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    Something is wrong. I typically get emails on my device before they hit my inbox. Give tech support a call.
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    I have GL on WM5 with Cingular. Since the Treo 750 is a UMTS device our speeds are super fast. Like GoodGuy said, I often get emails on my device before they hit my Outlook inbox.

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