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    January 25, 2007

    I used PCmover to migrate desktop to new notebook/laptop. This was done after performing a "clean boot" on the desktop and on the notebook.

    After that, however, the notebook and my Treo 600 would not hotsync.

    The migration did not remove anything from my desktop, but nevertheless, now, my desktop and Treo will not hotsync.

    I think I must reinstall to the desktop.

    Will I lose my contact list and calendar data on the desktop?

    My Treo last hotsynched on Jan. 11, 2007, and I also have backed up my entire Treo file on the desktop to an external hard drive.

    Input will be appreciated and thanks in advance.

    Robert in Austin, Texas
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    Yes you must reinstall Desktop and any third-party application that has its own hotsync conduit. To ensure that nothing happens to your data, copy the folder that most closely resembles your Hotsync name to another folder or your desktop.

    Make sure you have Windows Admin privelege on your Windows Login, that you are the only user logged onto the computer, and that no other applications are running, especially antivirus and firewall, while you do the installs.
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    Hello AusTexTreo600,

    Thank you for your recent correspondence.

    PCmover does not migrate device drivers at all so it is likely that a migration involving HotSync. Did you have HotSync installed on the Notebook before the migration? If so, the return the computer to a normal startup and it should work again.

    As for the desktop, PCmover does not make any changes to the Old computer. If HotSync was not working at the time of the migration, then it is likely the information migrated to the New computer will also not work properly. As noted by Detective, I would recommend that you remove and reinstall HotSync if returning to a Normal Startup does not resolve the issue.

    Please let me know if you need additional assistance.

    In order to get the fastest possible assistance at no cost, please join us in our live one-on-one chat. The chat is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am till 8 pm Eastern time (GMT-5), Saturday from 11am till 4 pm, and Sunday from 3 pm till 6 pm. It can be accessed from the following web page:


    Noel M
    Laplink Technical Support

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