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    Like many I just received my Samsung WEP-200 (real). And like many am having a hard time getting it to stay secure in my ear. I have heard about the Jabra Ear Gels working pretty good. But I wanted to start a post and see what people changed to (if anything) and what works best? Links and/or pictures would be good.

    Also some people have mentioned using the JX-10 ear hooks. How did you secure these to the headset? Any pictures?

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    Sorry, no pictures (I moved on to a Blackberry 8703e and no longer have my Treo with a camera) but you just snap the Jabra JX10 earhooks on the same way you would snap on and off of the Jabra headset. It's pretty simple.
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    I just received my JX10 earhooks and yes you just snap them on to the portion that sits in your ear and wrap around your ear. Its very comfortable and doesn't fit tightly like some of the other headsets I've had. I even went to sleep with it on and it didn't come off.
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    Well I just tried a set of Jabra ear gels. They are from a pretty old wired headset for Nokia phones (someone found them in there junk drawer). Not sure if these are the same as the "newer" ones that are sold today but i couldn't get a good fit with these either and it made the headset stick out pretty far. Anyone try those slipsonic ones?? or anyother different brand other then Jabra?

    I might get a JX-10 ear hook and try that with the existing setup. Any good places to get them for cheap?
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    Using the ear piece(s) that came with the WEP - I used it in my right ear with the "loop" at the 2 o'clock position (per the manual). It was OK at best .... not bad for a minute or two maybe. I then put the loop in the 11 o'clock position. MUCH better. (at least for me)
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    You can get jx-10 hooks from the treocentral store for 5.95
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    Slicsounds are too big to fit the WEP200.
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    Looks like I will have something to sell on ebay. Ordered these last week.

    Quote Originally Posted by nsxprime View Post
    Slicsounds are too big to fit the WEP200.
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    I just returned a WEP200 to a T-Mobile store since none of the loops stay in my freakishly big ears. The rep said that Samsung will be sending them ear hooks to give to customers that are having trouble, and that the newer packages will include them. I still returned it and got a Plantronics 510 anyways and wouldn't go back.
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    Just use Jabra eargels. They only cost $3 from Verizon.
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    I have tried some of those. They didn't seem to fit all that well and made the headset stick out a little to far away from my face that it felt uncomfortable. Not sure if because they were older or not? Has Jabra changed the size/shape of their eargels? These came from a headset (wired) for a Nokia phone.
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    I go through ear hooks at an alarming rate. My last dozen were $40.00 from Eforcity and were so lame they lasted 12 days. They want a receipt number to "help " me. Samsung is a good BT with the 755 so please tell me where I can readily find the ear hooks that will last longer than a day?

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