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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristieC View Post
    Power Trade's CEO's email address is:
    Did emailing them actually bring good results? Either way, I'll be sure to include them in my next email. If nothing else, these folks need to be made increasingly aware that there are communities out here that share and discuss these companies' performance. Goodness knows I'll think twice about bothering with such an offer in the future. It would have been better to simply donate my old phone to a friend or a worthwhile charity.
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    I emailed Brodie Keast on 3/31 and got a phone call from Palm Customer Service on April 2. "Gordon" promised that he would expedite the check. Still nothing.
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    I emailed them again and received a fairly prompt response (24 hours) stating that my check would be sent out soon. It has been about 1 week and still nothing.

    The email did state that all my requirements were in order.
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    After 2 emails to Brodie Keast and complaints filed against PowerTrade and Palm with the Better Business Bureau, the $125 check finally arrived in the mail. Thanks to those who broadcasted Brodie Keast's email and other suggestions.
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    Well, my patience has been overextended so I've just sent my own blast-o-gram to the email addresses provided by others in this thread. I'm very disappointed that they haven't worked harder to resolve this issue even though they've clearly received many complaints from customers.
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    Lovely... The email reply I received from Marketvelocity basically said "Powertrade is handling the refunds, not us, and we can't get any additional information from them. Please contact them from now on." Wonderful.

    The good news is that by including the other two email addresses folks shared in this thread, I got a response from Palm (, phone 407-531-4496 option 2). The person there explained that Palm is actively intervening in these cases and working directly with the Palm Store, MarketVelocity, and Powertrade to resolve these situations.

    They said it will take a few days before I should hear back from them, but I'll be sure to update this as it progresses.
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    I has been six months and no check. Was this program just a fraud to start with? Does Palm have any obligation to us for linking it to a purchase of a new 680?
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    Well...emailed them ( AGAIN to find out my status and got this as a response:

    Thank you for contacting customer service.

    Please note that effective April 2, 2007, the Palm Trade-in Program is no longer accepting new trades. If you are contacting us regarding an existing claim, please be aware that all trade-in products are processed by Powertrade, Inc. and all payments are issued by Powertrade, Inc.

    Market Velocity, Inc. is an independent party and had been contracted to assist with website maintenance and customer service. As Market Velocity, Inc. is no longer servicing this account, please refer directly to:

    Powertrade, Inc.
    Phone: 678-990-5253

    Thank you.
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    After contacting the Palm escalation folks (contact number posted elsewhere in this thread) I did actually get my trade-in check. If you haven't received yours yet call them. They've apparently been contacted by a large number of people, so they won't be surprised to get your call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinebubble View Post
    Well...emailed them ( AGAIN to find out my status and got this as a response:

    Thank you for contacting customer service. ...
    Marketvelocity and Powertrade are a bunch of losers... contact the Palm escalation team directly and they will get it resolved. Took me about a week after calling them to get my check.
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    I called Palm's customer service first and they totally brushed me off, denying they had anything to do with the trade-in program. I called the escalation team next and spoke to "Al" and had some success. We'll see what comes of the call... If and when it comes, I hope the check doesn't bounce.
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