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    i took some pictures this afternoon with my 700p. pictures are stored on my 1GB SD card. i do not have a card-reader on my computer. is there anyways i can pull those pictures out? maybe a removeable drive letter?
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    There are card readers you buy that work as USB.
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    Card Reader (rock solid on 700p) or Card Export (never used) can do what you want and more. I believe BackupBuddy claimed to be able to back up the expansion card but, it didn't work for me. I'm not sure but, I thought that there was a way to get the 700p to do the job by itself?
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    By defualt the hotsync will copy out all your pictures on the SD card to your palm backup folder. Check C:\Program Files\PalmOne\PhoneName\backup

    Something like that, not sure about the exact location.
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    Use Palm File Transfer. Free Program on your install CD. Read this thread.
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    Just yesterday I shared a movie I took with 700p. Had same issue, couldn't see the SD card in the phone, nor can you send the movie after sync to your computer.

    But if you send an email from your phone, it is an attachment that you can then save as. The movie came out as a Quick Time. Don't know about stills.

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