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    As mentioned in my previous thread, I'm having trouble getting the Music Pack promotion from Palm. Over 5-6 weeks, I've called weekly and been assured it was shipping, had shipped, needed to be qualified, was qualified, was on overnight express, was out of stock, and finally, last Monday, was assured by a supervisor named Jose that he would send me one asap I would have confirmation within 72hrs. He gave me the case number of 1015133.

    After receiving nothing, I called again today, was told I didn't qualify, my file contained only notes not promises, and that I wouldn't be receiving it. I then spoke to Supervisor Esther who told me they didn't give case numbers, Jose didn't make any notes in my file, that there was no Jose, and that there were no notes in my file at all. She then recommended I email and dismissed me.

    My level of disappointment in Palm and their support is extreme. I'm on my 5th Palm device and if they won't stand by their own support people's previous commitments, not to mention their own website offers, I have to seriously consider standing by them for future purchases.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    What is there reason for deciding that you don't qualify ?
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    That I'm in Canada, and it's a US only offer, despite the website (which they just changed) at the time saying USA & Canada, and my calling Sales Support specifically to ask if I qualified and being told I did, and that I would be receiving the Music Pack...

    I posted the website change in its own thread...
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    Try going up the ladder " If You can't help me please let me talk to your supervisor " If You Hold strong to your argument ,refining it with practice ,I'm sure you'll get it . Now If It's worth the cost of your Phone bill,Thats another consideration . Good luck !
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    I got to supervisor Jose who gave me a case number and committed to sending it to me and promised to confirm in 72 hours. When he failed to do that, I called back and got supervisor Esther who first said there was nothing in the notes, then said they didn't use case numbers, then said there was no Jose, then would only give me an email address to escalate,, which came back as undeliverable.

    I'd pay more than the phone bill to make a point to Palm about how a responsible company deals with loyal, repeat customers.

    I won't accept poor customer service, and I don't think any of us should. Any one of us could be next, and on any scale including failure to honor warranties or exchanges, etc.

    The story has made its way to Digg, so any help appreciated:
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    Just a little while ago I received a voice-mail from Jose and and email confirmation saying they're shipping my music pack. Hopefully it will arrive soon and Palm will restore my faith in their customer service!

    I'll keep everyone posted!
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    you go !
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    I went!

    And my Music Pack has just arrived. Thanks so much to everyone who helped, and thanks to supervisor Jose for coming through, and showing Palm Support will do right by their customers.

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