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    I have reinstalled Opera Mini after taking it off from running from my SD card. I used Uninstall.

    I have used blazer to download and now anytime I run Opera, it says processing when trying to go a webpage goes about half way then kicks me back to my launcher.

    Help... Thanks.
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    Just tried loading it to the SD card and running and received same problem.
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    Not sure if this is the same issue, but I've been following similar problems on the opera mini forum and saw a post on Dec. 1 about reloading opera mini. Toward the bottom of the thread there is a reference to java settings for opera mini. (sorry I don't have a direct link -, help area I believe) Since I made these changes I have had no resets or redirect problems. I'm typing this response while using opera mini with my tx. Seems to work much better now. Hope this helps.
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    Yeah, you need to enable double buffering [maybe] and change a cache size, or something.

    Whatever it is, two settings need adjusted before Opera Mini will work. The settings in question are posted on the OM download page.
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