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    Could some please! please! send me the below files as attachment for Sandisk's 4gb SDHC card use with my 700p? I have tried unsuccessfully to download the files from the websites listed in one of the postings listed on this forum. Please help! please!!

    lotDriver%3A SDIO-sdsd.prc
    and an eventuall deDE-version of the SlotDriver
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    Already responded to you in a PM.

    FYI for anyone, the MMSDCard files are for VersaMail. There is no need for a deDE version of the slot driver, as it has no language associated with it.
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    HI! Would it be possible to get those from someone now too ... Would really appreciate it - THANKS!!!!
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    You only need one file to make the SDHC cards work. Its described in this thread.

    I did as they describe. I downloaded the SDIO... file to my PC. I renamed it to a .zip file. I then used Quickinstall/Hotsync to move that file the the regular SD card in my wife's TX. I put the SD card in my Treo. I used filex to rename the .zip file back to the proper name, then moved it to the "internal" memory. Did a reset and presto...SDHC support.

    I had to rename the file .ZIP because quickinstall/hotlink did not understand the original file type and would not allow me to move it. Strange Hotsync behavior.

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