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    Wanted to give a plug to Sena for great customer service.

    I have a leather skin/lateral case combo for my 700p. The leather was seperating on the skin case on the strip below the screen.

    They gave me an RMA#, I sent it in with notification from FedEx for when it arrived. I got my FedEx email and 15 minutes later one from Sena Quality Control saying they saw the issue and were shipping me a new skin case.

    Thanks again Sena!!!!


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    actually..i'd consider that a pain in the bu++...i would want them to send me a new case that comes with a RMA...that way I don't have to go without a case for more than a week or so it takes to ship it to them and them to ship it back....and on top of that...they had to examine it?? what if they did not determine it was worthy enough to be replaced...

    Sorry..but that is not REAL customer service
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    Well, at least you got a replacement. I have the Magneto Flip Top which fits the Treo like a glove. It's good to know that if something goes wrong with it, they stand behind their products.

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