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    wh0 do you guys think the best LEATHER case is? thanks

    more specifically, I am looking into the SENA leather cases..those like nice and detailed...does anyone have one? and care to comment? Thanks
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    100 reponses will probably give you 100 different cases. . . .

    I have carried my PDAs on my hip for 10 years. . . . my Treo 700P case is the Palm Horizontal Belt Clip. I like to use the Treo "naked" so this carrying case provides protection and portage while it is not in use.
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    I like my seidio crystal case for my 700p. I like the look of a naked treo and my crystal case give me that satisfaction. I too paranoid about wearing my $600 phone/pda/mp3 on my hip. especially when I have to ride a packed train here new york. can you say asking for easy mark.
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    In a Nutshell . . .
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    Just got myself a tan and black piel frama. Like the feel of my 680 in the frama casing. craftsmenship is awesome.
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    Nutshell or vaja. The new Sena pouches look pretty nice, but I don't like the strip of leather under the screen on their other cases.

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