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    Over the last few days my 700p has not been charging its batteries properly. I first noticed it when the battery was dying mid-morning. I had it plugged in the rest of the day and it would only pick up a very small charge, then think it was fully charged, but then when I unplugged it the charge would plummet to under 50%. I thought maybe it was my charger, so I switched to a different one (I have several, including a couple USB and a couple AC), that didn't change anything.

    After a day of that I thought maybe the problem was the battery, so I swapped in my spare battery which had a full charge. It showed a full charge when I put it in, but then last night when it was almost empty I plugged it in before going to bed. This morning the charge was at 44%. I think there's something wrong with my phone.

    Should I just call Verizon and go through the hassle of getting a replacement?
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    A couple new pieces of info on this problem I'm having. It seems to be charging better on USB than it does on AC power. I switched to my backup battery, which had a full charge on it, because I couldn't get my main battery charged up enough before I left the house due to this problem. After draining the spare it charged up to about 70% on USB power. Not 100% though, so I still think there's a problem with the phone. Since this is happening on both of my batteries that tells me even more that the problem is with the charging system in the phone.

    I'm reluctant to exchange my "new" 700p for a refurbed one, which is no doubt what Verizon will send me to replace this one if that's what needs to happen because of this problem. I'll try a hard reset next, but I don't see how that's got anything to do with it.
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    I think I'm having the same problem as you. I have a Seidio desktop cradle with the usb/AC adapter. When I put the phone on the cradle the charging light doesn't always come on. When it does turn red and I leave it on all night, the phone doesn't charge. It will charge with the USB straight into the laptop.
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    I have had similar issues with my 700p using both USB and the OEM AC charger. Verizon swapped my 700p out twice for this and the third one (my current one) seems to be better. Every once in a while, I'll see 100% while it's plugged in and 97% right after unplugging, but it hasn't dropped below that when unplugging. With my previous two, it would be down around 50-70% sometimes. The behavior was the same with a battery from my girlfriend's 700w and my Seido extended battery (which I didn't have before this issue started, so I don't think it caused any issues with the charging circuit).
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    Well, Verizon replaced my dead battery under warranty. I still think that the problem is the phone though. The only way to get it to charge now is to plug it into my Insten Sync and Charge cable and plug it directly into a USB port on my PowerBook. I have a powered USB 2.0 hub and each time I plug it into the hub it disables the port that its plugged into (the little light on that port goes out). If I plug it into an AC adapter it never gets over 50% charged now. This problem already killed one battery, I'm worried what it might do to my spare that I've been using and I definitely don't want to use my new replacement until it is figured out.
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    I had this happen. If it's charging via the USB but not the charger, then chances are it's the connection between the charger and phone. Not the phone itself.

    I used a small nylon brush and a small amount of electrical contact cleaner to clean the power port and the charger tip. Pulled the battery first and gave it ample time to dry out before putting it back in to test.

    If you aren't sure about doing this take it to the Verizon store and let them do it for you.
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    Does it charge through different pins in the hotsync connector when plugged in with a sync and charge USB cable? I thought it always used the charging port. That would explain it, my charging port must be dirty. This is very odd, I never had this trouble with my 650 in over 2 years, but after less than 3 months with the 700p its charging port is dirty.
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    My 700p has already fried one battery, now I'm afraid its frying my spare.

    I called Verizon again to complain about what its doing. The guy I talked to kept trying to blame the problems charging on the way I use the phone and how I discharge the battery. In talking to him I realized that I hadn't ever unwrapped the 700p's AC adapter, it was still in the box and I was using the ones from my 650.

    I took it out and tried it, the battery was fully charged so there was no weirdness. It seemed to fit better so he tried telling me the problem was all of my other chargers were bad/worn out. I find this hard to believe, but anyway, I told him I'd use it for a few days to see how it goes. Well, its not going well.

    I used my phone today, discharged it to about 48%. Plugged it in in the car on the way home, that brought it up to 54%. I brought it into the house and plugged it into the new 700p AC adapter. I noticed about 15 minutes later that the light was green. I checked the charge and it said 100%, yeah right. I unplugged it and it dropped to 50%. Plugged back in and 15 min. later it was at 100% again, again I unplugged it and it dropped to 50%. Plugged back in, etc. etc. etc.

    I decided to soft reset it, to see if that would help. Well, after the reset it came up as 26% charge. I took it off the AC and put it on my USB charger. Hopefully this will actually charge it, although it takes forever.

    I'll really be upset if this thing fries another battery, I got VZW to replace the first one, I doubt they'll do it again. I'm going to go into a store and show them what it does, maybe that way will get them to understand that its broken.
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    There is a similar thread over at pdaphonehome. She got Verizon to replace the phone.
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    Thanks for the link MartinTek, but she had a different problem than what I'm having. When I can get the battery to charge fully it lasts just as long as it always has. The problem is with the charging system, it will only work from my USB sycn'n'charge cable, and then only very slowly. If I put the phone on any other charger it behaves very strangely and before I realized what was happening it completely fried my original battery.

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