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    I recently installed Beyond Contacts and like it. One problem I'm having is that since it duplicates the Palm OS databases, I'm now getting duplicate reminders (alarms) for all of my calendar events. Is there a way to avoid this?

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    Hello babyrocket. I'm a newbie on this forum. I also have Beyond Contacts oin a 700p and like it as well. I have the same issue and and so far as I can figure is that you have to delete your reminders, appointments etc in the built in Contacts in order not to have them duped. I also have my "Contacts" set to "do nothing" upon Synchronization although I don't know if that affects anything. I'd emil DataViz support and they can probably help/
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    When i setup my phone, I run the 650 palm setup disk, but do not hotsync at that time. I then install beyond Contacts, but again do not hotsync at that time. Before your first hotsync, right click your hotsync logo and select "custom". Chage "Beyond Contacts" to Desktop overwrites handheld DO NOT select this as default. Change ALL outlook conduits to "do nothing" and check the "set as default" box. Hotsync, you MAY get the screen asking which way you want to sync, if so choose "All of my information is in Outlook on my computer". If you dont get this message everything should simply go to Beyond Contacts and nothing to the outlook conduits.

    This does leave your "contacts" empty and unavailable to your phone, but that's an easy fix. Go back to custom change Beyond Contacts to a one time "do nothing" and "contacts" to a onetime "desktop overwrites handheld". You should be set with no info or alarms in the native palm apps other than contacts.

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