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    I have the new 700 P, switched from the 600. I have it set so my screen goes off during a call. Had the same setting with the 600. The difference is, when I hit the "on" or red button to get the screen to come back on, it hangs up on me. I have to hit that button to reenable the screen. The 600 did it fine, but the 700 will automatically hang up. I can get to it other ways, but it forces me to go through other applications.

    I have TAKEPHONE on as well.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Try hitting the Phone button
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    Quote Originally Posted by haroldo View Post
    Try hitting the Phone button
    Did that and it doesnt bring the screen back on
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    What are you trying to get to? If it is just the dial pad, there is a button on the right side of the call screen. If you want something else like contacts or calender, you have to go through the palm application (home button). You can basically get to anything that way, including text messaging, email, etc.
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    I guess I didnt explain it well enough, so I will try again.

    Had a 600 for 3 years.
    Now have a 700.
    Have the phones set exactly the same...screen to go off during a call.

    When the call is over, or even during a call, I want to re-activate the screen again. On the 600 all I had to do it hit the button right of the center button. It would allow me to unlock the screen from there. Now when I hit that button, it re-activates the screen AND hangs up the call at the same time.

    What I need to figure out is how to reactivate the screen so I can do things like (a) Delete or save a voice mail, (B) put the call on speaker, (c) anything else.

    The way it is now, the only way to get the screen back on without hanging up is to go through the calendar..reactivates the screen, go to TAKEPHONE, get to the old phone app, and then hang up.

    Maybe it is TAKE PHONE that is the issue?

    Hope that clears things up better

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    What are you using to blank the screen? The phone button should wake up the screen. You have a conflict somewhere. Some apps that worked well on the 600 are unstable on the 700P. I know this from experience.
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    you may need to hit the phone button twice. One wakes up the screen (back to the call status view). The second push takes you to the "home" view (dialpad/picture and quick list).
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    Quote Originally Posted by shopharim View Post
    you may need to hit the phone button twice. One wakes up the screen (back to the call status view). The second push takes you to the "home" view (dialpad/picture and quick list).
    Thats what I have to do. I guess if I keep TAKEPHONE that will be the answer.

    I use Phone tech. to blank my screen. the power button turns the screen on and off. The problem is, the power button also hangs up the call.

    So the only answer I have is to hit the phone button twice. Once to wake up and once to return to the screen where I can hang up or make other moves (i.e. save, delete voice mail, speaker)

    On the 600 the power button was not the one that control this issue, so it worked without hanging up

    Thanks for the input

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