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    I purchased a spare battery off E-bay. These are marked PALM, but they are a little short of the 1200mAh, but they are advertised as 1050mAh, so not false advertising and the price was right, under $20.

    Anyway, the battery came with a mini-charger (700 mA/5V) and a car charger.

    I used the minicharger over night. It didn't fully charge the phone. The green light was on, but the voltage was under 4200mV and charge was under 1200mAh. EVen though it was connected to the charger, Battery.prc showed current coming out of the battery and ran the graph with a red line.

    I switched back to my 5.2V, 1A palm supplied charger and it now showed that the battery was only 1188 mAh instead of 1222mAh. I did a power cable connected reset, and the phone now showed the 1222 mAh capability, and that it needed more charging (about 97%).

    I am beginning to wonder if using a 5V charger (650, Lifedrive, etc) will not fully charge the 680.
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    Isn't this exactly what the Palm sync cable document was about? The new chargers are 5.2V (I wonder how many mA) where the old are 5.

    None the less, I top my phone off at work with my 650 charger no problem.
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    It was the Palm sync Cradle document, but it also states that everything is fine if you disconnect the cables and plug them directly into the 680.
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