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    I'm looking for a good contact program that would allow me to put people in more than one category, for example business and travel. I need to be able to put people in more than one group for sorting. I already use datebk for my calendar so I'm not looking for a big calendar/contact type app. Any suggestions?
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    Im not sure exactly what ur looking for but I think Agendus may do the trick.
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    Outlook does this on the desktop - I'm not sure which category the Palm picks up on, though.
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    I've just moved from a WM5 device to the 650 and contacts which were previously under multiple categories now appear under the first. Shame really but I can live with it.
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    Try looking at KeySuite by Chapura -- it's a complete replacement (with a lot of additional functionality) for the built-in Palm PIM applications.

    Basically it gives you a more "Outlook" experience on the Treo.

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