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    Ok, my apologies in advance for my story, hope you can understand what I'm trying to say

    After a few eeks of trying, testing and more trying, something is getting my attention on the bluetooth functionality. When I'm using bluetooth, I've noticed that power usage is higher then without using bluetooth functionality. Now that sounds logical, doesn't it? However, I've noticed a difference if the Treo was paired with another device or not. There was a considerable difference in power usage between bluetooth on and no pairing or bluetooth on with paring!

    For example (I have no exact measurements, just as from what I've seen):

    Last Sunday evening: paired with my pc, disconnected (but left bluetooth on), didn't do anything after that (except an automated backup at night). Start percentage: 90%. Monday morning: 70% left.

    Yesterday evening: soft reset, no bluetooth pairing (but bluetooth is on), again only an automated backup. Start percentage 99%, this morning 91% left!

    I don't know if you can compare this without a doubt, but a difference of 11% is a lot, I think.

    With pairing I mean to say that I connected to my pc, ,but also disconnected the bluetooth session and left the bluetooth functionality on, on my Treo.

    The reason why I started to think about this was the usage of my (bluetooth) carkit. In the morning I get in my car, start the engine and my Treo automatically paires with my carkit, so I can call handsfree. When I stop the engine, the bluetooth carkit is automatically disconnected. Also very logical. Until I want to start another phonecall, far away from my car, and without a carkit or headset. When I make the call, and dial the number, I still have to push the 'cancel bluetooth button' on the screen before I can hear anything.
    So the Treo then still thinks that there is an open bluetooth connection, but there isn't one!

    Anyone who shares my experiences with bluetooth or am I seeing ghosts?
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    I too have noticed that just having the bluetooth on leads to a substantial drain on the battery. I don't have exact numbers to report but the battery usage is considerably higher with the bluetooth on and this is even without actually using the bluetooth. If you actually use the bluetooth, then the battery drain is really very high.
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    Bluetooth is always on in Hidden mode on my phone, and if I exit all apps the battery consumption is around 1%/hr.

    And yes, if you're actively using Bluetooth, it does suck battery a bit. It did on the 650 as well.
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    I don't think I made myself clear in my topicstart... What I meant to say, is that I think I found a difference in bluetooth batteryconsumtion. That's why I made a link to the camerapatch.

    I found four different power consumptions:

    1. bluetooth off
    2. bluetooth on with no active session(s)
    3. bluetooth on with active session(s)
    4. bluetooth on with disconnected session(s)

    With my Treo 650 there was absolutely no difference in powerconsumption between nummers 2 and 4. The Treo 650 just put the bluetooth in 'idle-mode' after you disconnected a session, with minor power usage, just like if there was no session at all. Now with my 680, there IS a difference in powerusage between 2 and 4, 4 has the same powerconsumption as 3!

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