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    Using the Cingular installer for the 680, it added a mystery app: PassThruSync. Clicking this inevitably caused a crash, so I deleted it.
    Anyone know what this app is supposed to do?

    Also - when I sync using Mark/Space's Missing Sync for Palm (for Mac OS X), I get an error that "Photos conduit does not support this handheld. Failed Mark/Space Photos (0xffffffff)"

    I'd love to sync my photos (from Treo to the Mac). Should I use the Palm's Photo app? I don't want to cause a conflict.
    I've searched the Mark/Space web site, and don't see any warnings or notices about the Photo conduit not working with the Treo 680.

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    Passthrusync seems to be on the Verizon 700p as well.
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    You have to get in touch with MarkSpace's tech support, they'll send you an updated Photo conduit that works with the 680.

    Why they don't talk about this on their website is beyond my understanding, but they'll send it to you quickly, and it works fine after updating, so I'm not ranting too much!

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