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    700p user here. I'm getting ready to make the switch from Windows to Mac, and I'm just trying to get my ducks lined up. One of the things I rely on pretty heavily right now is a good password manager. One that syncs with the PC, so I can access them on the computer or the Treo.

    I've been using LinkSoft's Secret and Secret Desktop for years, and I absolutely love it.

    What I really dig is how each record is basically like a "Memo". I'm not restricted to putting everything in fields, which appears to be the case with programs like SplashID.

    Secret Screen Cap:

    Some of my protected "memos" get really long, and I like it that way. I have hundreds of secure items stored in Secret, and don't want to have to scroll through a huge list to find what I need. Plus, sometimes it just makes sense to have them in memo format. For example, when I have a list of 6 MySQL databases associated with a hosting account, I like them to all appear in the same "memo".

    Any suggestions on what I should look into?

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    I thought it might help if I posted a short example of what one of my memos might look like:

    Host Name:
    Username: MyUsername
    Password: MyPassword

    SQL Databases

    u: MyName_mark
    p: 938TB93MJA

    u: MyName_joey
    p: 4B8YJ4B9NC

    u: MyName_mike
    p: M8XDJM8Y7G

    u: MyName_matt
    p: U86QRU8EMX
    This is pretty typical of the memos I like to keep. Most are a bit longer, though.

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