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    Now that I've finally got a 680, I want to fix the one thing that bugged me about the 650- the need to have a pouch with an opening in it for the antenna.

    I live in Seattle, and it rains, and the previous pouch cases I've used left the top of my treo exposed to rain. Is there any pouch case with a belt clip that covers the whole top of the device? All of the leather "680" cases with a magnetic clasp are really cases that can also accomodate treos with an antenna, hence part of the top is open. I'm happy to use a case for another device as long it fits snugly and covers the top completely. Anyone found anything?
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    I am using an OEM leather case for the blackberry 8700 series. It fits the Treo 680 and covers the top completely.
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    does it have a magnetic closure?
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    That'd be perfect if it didn't have the swivel.

    I carry my 700p in my pocket and have been using the SmartPhone Experts slim pouch. But one night when I had my hands full I took the Treo out of my pocket and it went flying out of the case. Fortunately it landed on carpet but it could've been disasterous. I am looking for a semi-rigid but thin leather case with (at minimum) a thin top flat that closes via magnetic or velcro clasp. And I don't need a swivel belt clip thing at all. Any suggestions?

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