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    After setting up all my programs, using the clean install to upgrade from the Zire 72 to my treo 680, I am getting the following error messages after I sync.

    "Voice Memo conduit cannot synchronize with the Voice Memo database on the Handheld, because the version of the database on the Handheld or the desktop does not match that expected by the Voice Memo conduit.
    Voice Memo synchronization failed"

    "Media synchronization failed"

    and a couple of message saying backup buddy failed to backup some stuff in the bluetooth device cache and bluetooth trusted devices.

    Anyone know why the media stuff and voice memos aren't synching, and how to correct it? Not that it is a huge issue, but it would be nice to fix.

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    The Voice Memo message is - kinda - "normal". I got the same thing when upgrading from my T3 to my Treo 680.

    It happens because I guess you installed the Treo 680's Palm Desktop over the Zire 72's. The Zire 72's Palm Desktop has a Voice Memo conduit, whereas the Treo's hasn't. So, if this conduit tries to sync the Treo's voice memo app with the desktop, this error occurs. To prevent it from happening, you need to disable this conduit (HotSync -> Conduit settings, just set it to "do nothing" and select "by default").

    Palm no longer provides a Voice Memo conduit. In order to find out how to sync voice memos, read this. If the link is no longer valid, go to Palm's Knowledge library and type in the solution ID 14187 in the field at the bottom right.

    For the other issues, I cannot help you since I don't use BackupBuddy. What is the exact error message ?
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    I don't recall exactly what the error message is - I will try to find it when I get home.

    Thanks for the info about the other!


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