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    Original Experiment

    This one is slightly different. I used Battery.prc for the readings instead of battery graph, so I think the values are much better, even though the tests were of shorter duration.

    I tested 6 factors this time:

    Bluetooth (Turned off vs. Turned on but not visable)
    Beam Receive (Turned off vs. Turned on)
    GPRS Network (Not connected vs connected & check e-mail every 15 min)
    Camera (not used vs. 3 pictures taken)
    Sound (Off/Vibrate vs. On)
    Date/Time (Manual setting vs. Full Automatic)

    I will upload the data and graphs later, but I need to get out of the office.


    Beam Receive Off 12.46 db (16x)
    Network Off 3.29 db (2x)
    Bluetooth Off 3.23 db (2x)
    Date/Time Manual 1.16 db (1.3x)
    Camera Off 1.15 db (1.3x)
    Sound on 0.30 db (1.05x)

    For Best power life in Standby set the above settings. Everytime you switch on a function, you reduce life by the X factor.

    For each 3db above, you reduce power life by 1/2. The db are additive. If you switch on the Network and Bluetooth, you will reduce life by 70-75%. If you turn on Beam Receive and Bluetooth, you reduce battery life by the order of 93-97%.

    So, if you get 300 hours with it all off, then you get about 8 hours with it all on!

    Date/Time, Camera and Sound do not have much affect.
    Beam Receive is the biggest user of Power, followed by Network and Bluetooth.

    The data is indicative, but not absolute.

    If you don't need the function turn it off.

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    Hi James
    It is interesting that your Beam receive function still causes such a massive drain - mine makes little or no significant impact (or at least it didnt last time I tested it - I might test it again in isolation, now that I have applied the patch). I have seen a few posts where others have not found a difference due to IR on or off, but some others where they do. This can not be normal - why would it draw so much power if not being actively used. Any ideas?
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    I don't know why it draws so much on mine. I would love to have some others run the experiment on thier own Treos and report the findings. I can do the analysis.
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    A very quick 'after patch' expt on my part:
    Average drain over last few days with IR beam receive off (also BT, Timesync off) = <0.5% per hour on Standby.
    Drain from 13:15 until 17:15 today (4 hours) with IR beam receive on (BT, Timesync off) = <2% = <0.5% per hour.

    This is consistent with my pre-patch expt and suggests that in my case, IR beam receive still makes little difference.
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    Yep, I need to get this phone changed out.
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