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    OK, I'm having a touch of trouble with my new 680, which won't sync my calendar items and has mysteriously acquired 50 megs of something un-accessible using the Delete menu, so I go to call up the Cingular tech support as I'm directed to do at

    So far I've called four separate 800 numbers and have yet to reach anyone to help - (866-246-4852, which features a live person who "doesn't do Palm support," despite this number having been listed on as the Cingular contact number, and directs me to 877-426-3777, which has a recording saying to call the 866 number for Treo support...the original person at the 866 number also gave me 800-331-0500, which is just a redirect to that same 866 number...last ditch, I tried 866-895-1099, the activation number, and was passed off to some tech person in Kentucky that the "680 doesn't work with the Macintosh." Oh really? Maybe that's why it ships with a Macintosh version of Desktop Manager, you think?

    Still, I'm not sure this device is ready for prime time. "Won't work with the Mac"? Is that why I received a specialty mailer from Cingular advertising an upgrade from my 650, when I've specifically notified them I use a Mac?
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    Well, so here's what finally happened...I called Palm directly

    (813) 313-4913
    Mon-Fri: 6am to 8pm PST
    Sat-Sun: 8am to 5pm PST

    and told them I had been misled, I suspect on purpose to avoid having to provide support, by Cingular. (I got the name and customer service number of the clown that told me the 680 isn't compatible with the Mac, if anyone has an idea to whom I should report it.)

    Since I bought the phone last week, I'm still within the warranty, and just spent the last hour and a half on the phone with Palm fixing the problem. Various files were deleted, programs were uninstalled and reinstalled, and the long and short of it is this:

    DO NOT INSTALL PALM DESKTOP v. 4.2.2!!! The damn thing is buggier than an anthill on the 4th of July!! I kept getting all kinds of 'transport errors' until we reinstalled v. 4.2.1.d...

    I'm still going to have to reinstall all my 3rd party apps, dammit. Thankfully I saved all the .prcs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by likelite View Post
    ... DO NOT INSTALL PALM DESKTOP v. 4.2.2!!!
    Sorry to hear that you had such troubles. I think all the carriers have a lot of really lousy people in customer support. I think you should change the title of this thread (if that's possible) to "Beware of PALM DESKTOP v. 4.2.2!!!"
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    I had Cingular when they were AT&T...the first time that is. As a Mac techie, i was always 10 steps ahead of them if i had to call for support. It's obvious these morons are reading from a script and know nothing of what they are saying. I've found these forums to be way more helpful than anything from even Palm. Case in point, and i only mean this as an example, I read on these forums before i got my 680 not to install the Palm Desktop that comes with it. I don't even use the Palm Desktop and use Missing Sync so it wasn't even important to install it anyway.
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