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    So i was at my local verizon store playing around with the 700p. The buttons on the 700 seem different then on my 650. Dont seem to be as solid to me. I was just wondering if anyone else feels the same way?
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    well maybe its just me
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    The button feel would not affect my buying decision, the 700p is an awesome phone, the internet speed will blow you away and so will the reception....
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    you are probably feeling the softer difference in the keys versus the 650. the 700's keys are a softer feel.

    probably just your preference to feel a stiffer key, and this translates to more solid, at least to you.

    i have no problem with the keys, and have been using mine quite a bit.
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    Having used the 650's keyboard for 2 years and the 700p's for about 2 weeks, I like the feel of the 700p's keyboard better. The keys are slightly flatter and a little bit wider. The tactile feel in my opinion is better and I notice the typing to be a little easier. Just my thoughts.
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