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  • BackUpBuddyVFS

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  • Resco Backup

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  • BackupMan

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  • NVbackup

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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad View Post
    Did everything compare correctly when you did the Verify after the last backup (that you used to restore) with Resco?

    Did you restore after a warm reset?
    A hard reset following a looping reset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanuman View Post
    I didn't vote cause my option wasn't there. Resco Explorer for me too. I didn't buy it for a backup program, but for a file management program. The backup was a great added bonus!
    Hey..thanks for your can vote for Resco Backup..because I kind of think they are one and the same...just that Resco Backup has a little bit more features...

    I'm not worried about features such as scheduling and so forth...I don't mind having to back it up myself when I feel necessary. ..I just want it to restore perfectly...without screwing anything feel free to vote for Resco Backup! long as you feel that Resco Explorer's backup standards are just as good as Resco's Backup...thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad View Post
    Resco backup is a more enhanced version of the backup utility built into Resco Explorer. One of the biggest difference is that in Resco BU, you can schedule backups and define various types of BU. In Explorer, the BU process is done manually. You can have multiple backup sets with your own names and date/time stamps. You can also do full or incremental backups in Explorer.

    I'm sure that you can do everything in Resco BU that you can do in Resco Explorer. And more. But with Explorer, you get a file explorer and launcher as well.

    By verify, I mean the utility to compare the files in RAM and those copied to the SD card backup set. Then, if everything compares (right after the backup), you are assured that all files have been backed up correctly.

    Personally, I backup manually (using Resco Explorer) after a warm reset (to make sure that no files are open or get skipped). All my files get verified. On restores, the RAM gets restored perfectly after a warm reset.
    Do you feel that the standards of Resco backup and Explorer are the same when it comes to just a normal back up? .....i don't mind having to do the backups manually...i actually like to do them manually....because once I have my palm in the most optimum state.....I would like to back that I can restore to that "perfect" point whenever I feel like contacts, tasks, and calender are synchronized and saved with my laptop's outlook, so i'm not worried about keeping those in happens during a hotsync anyways..

    i just want to know if the backup "standards" are the same on both programs (making sure it saves EVERYTHING)...thanks for your help
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    I haven't uses Resco Backup, only Explorer.

    I always do a warm reset (manually) before backing up. It takes a few seconds to do this and is recommended even by Resco folks. I think it is a good advise in general.

    I always verify after backup. All my files verify.

    I always restore after a warm reset. The 3-4 times I have had to do this, all files have restored perfectly.

    Keep in mind that Explorer (and RescoBackup) will not backup the pictures and video (media) stored on the Treo memory. These are stored separately (in what Resco calls internal drive A: ) from what is normally referred to as RAM. This is not a big deal for me because I am happy with the Media conduit of the Hotsync process, which stores my media on the PC. In any case, I keep all my media on the SD card anyway.
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    ok...thanks for the exception.....are there any other exceptions you have witnessed?
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